What Parents Are Saying

Father and Son

Read what parents are saying about our classes:

– My daughter gave us a detailed commentary on just about every aspect of every picture! She is really enjoying her time with you all.

She has taken other classes and told me today that her experience with Art at the Center was “way better”. When I asked her why, she said it was because she doesn’t feel forced to do art in a certain way, that you talk while you create, and that you experiment by adding things to the mix not knowing how things will turn out. It’s a very interesting take on it from an 8 year old perspective.

– Thank you so much for all your time thought when working with the children. My son had a great time and we both loved all the exploration and “working/playing” with all the fun materials that your camp provided. He still talks about the clay and mixing of the colors. From a parents perspective, the newsletter (that I’m responding to) and the slide show were really valuable in communicating with us what the children did in camp all day. It’s rare we get that kind of feedback. Thank you for taking the time to do that for us. It was well worth the price of admission.

– Thank you so much for your detailed response. It is so great to have teachers who care so much about the children and camp and the individual learning processes. What a difference from other camps that we have participated in! I enjoyed reading about my daughter’s project and am looking forward to the Tuesday night gallery show – what a great idea.

– What lovely teachers, what intelligent and intensive understanding of art. They really listened to the children as if they were little adults, while still understanding that they were children who needed some guidance. This was no cookie-cutter snowmen out of cotton balls. They also have parent-child classes and other programs. Anyway, do check it out. It was a terrific experience.

– It was an excellent experience for my kids. Every day that I picked them up, they were bubbling over with descriptions of what they had created. The teachers seem to have a good grounding in how to introduce children to the arts while letting the kids steer and follow their own interests.

I can’t thank you enough for your help with my son at art camp. He has been avoiding art and writing for as long as he could and I have worried too much about it. I think the art camp was a huge source of pride for him. He loves the work he did, looking at the pictures online, and he never refused to go. A wonderful thing for all of us. I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort with my son.

– The family studio provided a great opportunity for family time and socialization while making art and focusing on process rather than product.

– Great art class! I recommend this to everyone I talk to who is looking for extracurricular activities for their child. It’s an especially great class/activity that has no pressure to perform/excel and a kid can just be a kid. The class seemed to instill a lot of self-confidence in my child and also provided an exploratory outlet for them.

– I have loved the pictures – I have shared them with family and friends, including her artist grandmother, who is responsible for my daughter’s participation in the class. All agree that they are a terrific way to see what she has been doing, and perhaps more importantly, to get a sense of her joy and interest in her projects. The monthly albums were a great way to organize. Thanks very much for a wonderful session – you have helped to light a fire of artistic interest in my daughter that I hope will continue throughout her life, and I know she looks forward to future sessions with you.