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  • Developmental Stages of Art
    I presented a few weeks ago to a new group of teachers interested in beginning a journey toward process art.  Part of my presentation included an overview of developmental stages in art. These observations and stages come from my own work with children in the studio as well as from reading and observations by Ursula Kolbe, Kathleen Bailer, Howard Gardner and Rhoda Kellogg and Viktor Lowenfeld. Read more »
  • Sanctuary Studio: Different Kinds of Conversations
    Sanctuary Studio: Different Kinds of Conversations: I read an article this week about my first drawing professor, Richard Crozier.  The article originally appeared on the UVA Today website an... Read more »
  • Sanctuary Studio: Practicing Conversation....Without Words...
    Sanctuary Studio: Practicing Conversation....Without Words...: I have an activity I often use to begin talking about observational drawing.  It involves working with a partner with a set of blocks.  Eac... Read more »
  • Space for Shared Practice - A Reflection on Art in Community
    When I first became interested in art with children there seemed to be a split between process-based art and product-based art.  Typically, process-based art is more open-ended, more child driven and the outcomes have a much greater variety.  Product-based art is characterized by children’s creations all looking the same or very similar, is often more craft than art and involves a similarity of Read more »
  • Attentive in the Way of a Conversation
    I spent the morning as a guest at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church on the occasion of their Ode to the Earth Service.  It was lovely to enjoy the music of the service, the readings and especially the time for quiet writing and reflection that led to beautiful sharing by the congregation.  In the quiet, members were invited to write an ode to the earth.  During the sermon time there was time to Read more »
  • Art Workshops and Dinner Parties
    "I don't think of working with art materials as"messy," although it is very possible that it can be so.  When you sit down to a beautifully set meal table, it is impossible to eat without creating some disorder.  Forks and knives are rearranged, plates and glasses will need washing, and crumbs may fall on the floor.  Likewise, as you paint, cut, paste or use clay, things will get redistributed. Read more »
  • Space for Slowness
    I drew this doodle inspired by a logo I saw from the slow food movement.  They have a "snail of approval" award. I've been thinking a lot about spaces for slowness since reading this quote in Ursula Kolbe's wonderful book on drawing with children, It's Not a Bird Yet. She writes, "As anyone who has watched young pattern-makers knows, they build their configurations slowly, contemplating Read more »
  • Thanks to the Fort Hunt Community
    The posts that follow will highlight some of the great collage work from my author visit to Fort Hunt Elementary.  I also want to thank the Fort Hunt community for purchasing books as part of the "Buy One, Give One" program to support sending home books with families in the Care and Share Program.  We sent home 24 books along with the 24 Carry Out Art Kits pictured below. Visit our Read more »
  • Collette Visits Fort Hunt Kindergarten
    Collette finished her school visit on Thursday with the kindergarten.  Here are some of the new settings and characters we met. A mermaid in the water Another undersea scene, with a sea horse  The beginning of a jungle scene... The same jungle at the end of the session Collette meets new characters in a garden A rocket blasting into space and a Read more »
  • Collette Visits Fort Hunt 1st Grade
    Collette meets a stick man  She visits a castle On a desk in the library Collette visits a movie theater. out in the rain Princess Collette at Disneyland - it then becomes confetti land. Collette in a house Read more »